Accounts provide: AR code automation, content management, cloud-based delivery and view analytics.

Viewing interactive 3D and Video experiences in the Reality Browser is free for mobile audiences.

AR Experiences: 2  –  ARGroup Members: 5  –  Experience Views: 100

Single ARGroup $5.99 mo.

AR Experiences: 6
ARGroup Members:
Experience Views: *
* add with ViewPacks
ViewPacks $9.99
Experience Views – 200 
Add to any ARGroup as needed.
 Flexible ARGroup Publishing Plans
  • Plans are connected to ARGroup(s), not user accounts. You may create many ARGroups to organize experiences by product, campaign duration, budget etc..
  • All ARGroup plans are pro-rated and can be upgraded, downgraded, renamed or canceled, to support seasonality and short run engagements.
  • You will be emailed when 80% of you ARGroup(s) views are reached. You can start small and grow as your audience engagement needs grows.
  • ARGroup(s) have unique teams each with with email invites and roles to support your creators as”editors” & staff as”publishers”.
  • “Audience” role allows custom audiences you invite, to follow your ARGroup and load experiences in Reality Browser’s AR Communicator. 
  • AR Experiences can be edited, updated or deleted and recreated at ant time. A plans AR Experience count, represents the total at any given time.

AR Experiences: 10

ARGroup Members: 50

Experience Views: 700


AR Experiences: 25

ARGroup Members: 100

Experience Views: 1400


AR Experiences: 50

ARGroup Members: 500

Experience Views: 4500


AR Experiences: 100

ARGroup Members: 1000

Experience Views: 10,000

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User-generated AR engagement with a turnkey upload.
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