Preparing Augmented Reality Video for Transparency

Creating Transparent Video AR from green-screen footage is quick and easy with our free After Effects template.

Creating Augmented Reality Video with transparent backgrounds

Transparency Video AR ingredients:
1 – Image (png or jpg)
1 – Video (mp4 or mov) prepared for transparency
Optional – custom link graphic, link URL, logo graphic and description.
You may use any video tool to prepare your transparent videos. We provide an Adobe After Effect®  Template as a shortcut which automates the process.
Transparent Video Specification: single video file (1440×1280) with the color information at the bottom half of the frame and greyscale masking information positioned in the top half of the frame.
In addition to background removal, transparency masking can be used for creative effects, vertical video, as well as controlling how and where video is positioned on your AR target image. 

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