How the Reality Browser works

We take a look at how the Reality Browser works, and its user interface. See how to scan AR target images, as well as how to load and place AR experiences into your environment with out the need for a target image.

Creating and experiencing augmented reality should be accessible by everyone. This is the philosophy behind ARConnex. Using one mobile app to view millions of experiences simplifies the viewing process while an upload only platform that supports Video or 3D content brings code-less creation and publishing to anyone.

Visit “How To” for video tutorials on creating AR content for upload.
Video AR | Transparent Video AR | Audio AR | 3D AR
Expect quality augmented reality, visual fidelity, interactive animations and the ability to touch, control, and be captivated.
The Reality Browser is built upon the excellence of the Unity® Render Engine. Our upload support for AssetBundles, saved in Unity® Editor, brings code-less interactive capabilities to non-programming 3D Artist, Cad Designers and Creatives.  
Reality browser supports the widest array of devices on the the market for enhanced reach. This advanced, yet simple application was specifically engineered to display high performance, interactive augmented reality.
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