Effective labeling for AR enhanced content.

Inform audiences that enhanced augmented reality content is available.
An important part of any AR campaign is a clear call to action that informs the viewer that a print, package, image, or mobile link includes extended digital content.
This can be text, an info block, a QR code, social post or call to action button to help the audience quickly access Reality Browser and engage your experience content. 
ARConnex provides an editable Photoshop PDF with example info blocks, icons,  Call to Action buttons and a universal QR code that auto directs new users to Reality Browsers iOS or Android version based on their device.
The downloadable layered Adobe PDF below can be used as a starting point to aid creative teams when adding AR call to actions. 

Adobe Photoshop Layered PDF

Look for, use, and include the AR icon and universal QR code on target prints, images & mobile DeepLinks so audiences can quickly, and easily access your AR enhanced content.

Publication Wide Example

Single Sheet Examples

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