Effectively Labeling AR Content

To take advantage of AR, an effective call to action that informs the user of its existence is needed.

This can be as a basic logo or initially as written text until the logo or emblem becomes recognizable by the audience.

The most important part of any call to action is clarity—people need to be informed a print or package has extended AR functionality.

ARConnex provides a starter Info block and logo in several styles to aid in informing audiences that the piece is extended with AR and instruction on obtaining the Reality Browser to view it.
Below is a downloadable layered Adobe PDF file with both branding and logo block that can be used as a starting point to inform users.
We also have provided examples of this CTA as it may appear on a printed ad, poster or sell sheet.

Include the AR emblem or Info Block in your images and prints to let audiences know they are enhanced with AR and can be viewed in the ARConnex Reality Browser.
Info Block Starter Download Photoshop PDF

As audiences begin to recognize the AR brand emblem and the user base of ARConnex Reality Browser expands, inclusion of the AR logo emblem would be all that is needed.

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