Augmented Reality Video Displays

Learn how to quickly create augmented reality video displays

Turn any image into an augmented reality video display

Video AR ingredients: = 1 – Target Image  and 1 – 16×9 Video clip
Optional – custom link graphic, link URL, logo graphic and description.
  • Your uploaded AR video can be live in minutes.
  • Anywhere your image exists, it will be instantly recognized by the Reality Browser powered by ARConnex.
  • Content and target images can be replaced at anytime.

Augmented Reality Video Displays

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Positioning Video on your target images

ARConnex upload platform support Standard 16×9 HD video files. This short video highlights how this landscape video format is positioned on your AR target image and how you can control the vertical placement of video on your target images.

Video AR - Hospital tour
AR Pharma Marketing - Virtual Sales Call
Augmented Reality Video Displays provide a quick and efficient way to connect to audiences.

Extending the world of print with that sizzle video, commercial spot or providing on-demand video instruction or product information, whenever and wherever its needed adds true value for audiences.

Engagement that evolves.

New video clips replace the existing clip, allowing ongoing engagement, communication and information to be delivered to a single printed page or image over time. The creative uses for this type of  serial engagement are broad and allow campaigns to evolve and provide ongoing value to audiences. We are always hearing new ways marketers can utilize the serial communication capabilities of Video AR. Here are just a few.

  • Printed training materials can deliver extended video and be kept up to date with new videos as information changes.
  • Distributed print materials can provide current news highlights and broadcasts.
  • Packaging materials can entertain, instruct or offer additional value for audiences over time.
  • That cereal box can have new cartoons or that info label can be delivered via a spokes model.
  • Clubs and restaurants can distribute an image and patrons check it to see up to date views of the establishment.
Aside from the marketing uses, we see a lot of great ideas on consumer AR use cases.
  • Friends can share an image with others and communicate or update their status, within their own micro social networks.
  • Use it to send status updates while traveling, delivering a video message to an image on the wall at home for loved ones.
  • Send video communications, birthday, holiday messages and personal messages to family members.
  • Archive vacation photos on the walls with extended video memories.

The use cases for AR video are vast and with the ease of uploading a mobile video clip, along with low view counts of consumer use cases,  AR use by consumers is now accessible.

augmented reality without coding - Family Memory Video - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Transparent Video - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Family Memory - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience

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