AR for Publishers

Published pages and ad placements come to life with engaging interactive 3D and video experiences.

Augmented Reality extended editorials add value for readers.  Magazines, newspapers, trade journals and books can now bridge the gap between the printed page and digital world. AR transforms how publishers can engage readers with rich media experiences without leaving the page.

Our Mission

Reduce the cost and time of adding AR to published pages.


Automate the complexity of AR connections.


Provide audiences a single source to experience AR.

Custom AR Apps come with prohibitive costs and complexity. Consumers need an app for each publication, ad or product experience. 
Considerable development, time and investment just to begin. The ability to simply upload creative content and update experiences is needed. 
A cloud platform anyone can use to upload their video or 3D experiences and a universal augmented reality browser everyone can use to view. Technical barriers fade away and readers have a single source to view and engage.
ARConnex Reality Browser delivers branded experiences and app-based quality. Uploaded content can be revised anytime allowing interactive AR editorials and ad placement.

Download the ARConnex Reality Browser for iOS or Android.

ARConnex 30 day platform demo

Transparent Video
Creatively inset video within specific areas of your page or superimpose presenters into your reader environment.

Enhance published pages for readers with voice information, sound bytes or music using AR audio.

Utilizing Unity3D software, bring pages to life with interactive touch controlled models graphics and animation, all without the need for code.
Connect to readership with video AR. Deliver extended editorial content and add value to readers and advertisers. Print changed the world; video changed the world; AR connects them together.
Branded Experiences
Branding and web linking are integrated at the individual experience level.
Turnkey AR Creation
Upload interface provides ease and flexibility. AR technology is handled behind the scenes.
Cloud-Based Delivery
Update-able AR media for editorials that evolve with engaging content.
Image Recognition and Deep-linked AR
Distribute AR via mobile deep-links and/or extend print marketing and packaging to deliver enhanced interactive Video and 3D media.

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