Reality Browser Example Targets

Reality Browser supports code-less interactive 3D content using Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline (URP) delivering unsurpassed visual fidelity. 
Samples are not for public use, only for experiences ARConnex technology. 
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1. Install the universal Reality Browser
2. Sign on as a guest or create your account at
3. Launch and scan any image below

4. In Ground Plane mode, you can place the experiences onto horizontal surfaces.


ARConnex Reality Browser Examples

Mobile DeepLinks

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AR Cloud Scan

These same AR Experiences can be viewed when their target images below are recognized in Cloud Scan mode.

Bring interactive 3D animation display capabilities to your images and print with image recognition and
distribute experiences from mobile websites, apps and social with mobile AR DeepLinks.

Transparent AR-Video
Present, entertain and engage audiences with one on one holographic video displays.

Support for Unity Software allows interactive content from any 3D artist to quickly be uploaded and live in minutes. Audio sound track can be uploaded or added in Unity for interactive control and sound FX. 

Let audiences place your product into their home environment at actual size.

In Ground Plane mode, 1 unit in Unity = 1 meter in the real world.

Explore, learn, and visualize complex structures or systems with ease in AR

Transparent Video-AR
We provide an Adobe After Effect template to help automate the creation of production quality, transparent video ready to upload to ARConnex.

Reality Browser Ground Plane Recognition 
Audiences can scan and view on the image or switch to GroundPlane to place the experience into their environment. Placed experience begin at the size they were created at however audiences can control the size of the display from 20% to 1000% of its original size. This brings the ability to deliver immersive AR experiences that viewers can explored and navigate within. Museum exhibits, trade exhibits, architectural visualizations, 360 degree real-estate tours are just few examples of the power of immersive AR.


Code-Less Interactive Animation
Interactive touch controlled animations, custom menus, and material flow animations using Unity Software without code. Interactive animations provides the ability to make complex machinery function, leading to better instructional understanding of both operations and benefits.