AR Publishing for Marketers

augmented reality without coding - Sport Watch - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - AR Product - Woman's Sandal hoes - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
Video AR - Hospital tour
augmented reality without coding - Industrial Product - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
Focus on engaging Video or 3D AR content, not technology.

Add branded AR to your marketing materials with speed and efficiency.

The Reality Browser, unlike a web browser, takes full advantage of the mobile device processing and graphics power while providing the interactive engagement capabilities needed to captivate and retain audiences.

Consumers are not opposed to downloading an app, they are opposed to downloading a large app for each and every AR experience they are presented with. The reality browser solves this with a single tool specifically designed and engineered to display an endless array of high-quality branded AR experiences.

The Reality Browser utilizes the same proven technologies that drive custom AR apps. Plus with branding in each ARConnex experience, the cost savings are significant. If AR has been more of a discussion point then a ongoing marketing channel, it may be time to take another look. 

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ARConnex provides…
  • AR image recognition connections
  • Upload only interface for creation
  • Custom branding with each AR experience
  • Custom web link and CTA graphics with each AR experience
  • AR Clouds (containers) for content management and grouping
  • Each AR Cloud has unique publishing plans, analytics and teams
  • Pay per engagement plans provide budget capping an control
  • Automated Video and Audio trans-coding
  • View analytics – Per AR Cloud and Per AR Experience
  • Cross-platform iOS and Android mobile publishing
  • AR Cloud Team member invites w/editor, publisher and audience roles
  • Audience members can follow your AR clouds and load any experience you make available in ARCommunicator
  • Cloud based – publishing, authentication and media delivery
  • Universal Reality Browser™ for Android and iOS
  • Upload support 3D AssetBundles generated in Unity Software

Include the AR emblem or Info Block on your images and prints to inform audiences that they are enhanced with augmented reality.

Info Block Starter
Downloadable Photoshop PDF