AR Publishing for Business
Focus on engaging AR Video or 3D content, not technology.

AR to your marketing materials with speed and efficiency.
The universal Reality Browser provides audiences with a single mobile app. 
ARConnex provides…
  • Code-less AR recognition connections
  • Upload only interface for creation
  • Custom branding with each AR experience
  • Custom web link and CTA graphics with each AR experience
  • AR Cloud(s) for content management and grouping
  • Create unlimited AR Clouds ea. with different ‘pay per engagement’ plans
  • Video and Audio trans-coding
  • AR Cloud and per experience view analytics
  • Cross-platform mobile publishing
  • AR Cloud member invites w/editor, publisher and audience roles
  • Cloud based – publishing, authentication and media delivery
  • Universal Reality Browser™ for Android and iOS
  • 3D support for Unity Software assetbundle uploads

Include the AR emblem or Info Block on your images and prints to inform audiences that they are enhanced with augmented reality.

Info Block Starter
Downloadable Photoshop PDF

Download the universal ARConnex Reality Browser