Augmented Reality Production Services

ARConnex brings augmented reality creation to non-programmers. Our support for 3D assetbundles saved in Unity Software opens animation with codeless interactivity and engaging content capabilities to a huge community of 3D artists, CAD designers and creative resources.

Not only does ARConnex provide free training tutorials and templates to aid your content creators, we also provide an array of interactive 3D content and AR publishing services to help bring your AR initiatives to life with speed and cost-effectiveness.

Our Cloud-based solution allows our 3D AR artists to quickly create and deploy Award Winning AR experience content.

All ARConnex experiences support your custom branding, weblink, and link graphic. Production proofs are made available in the Reality Browser’s AR Communicator prior to going live and deployed to your AR Cloud upon approval.

Production Services

We can work with your content or provide creative production and support with a mix of AR services.

  • Interactive 3D experiences
  • Next-day Video AR from your videos
  • Virtual products and 3D modeling
  • Animation and customization of stock 3D models
  • Conversion from CAD files into AR product displays
  • Online AR Banner Ads –  Convert in AR not a landing page
  • 360 virtual tours
  • Print design and target creation specific to requirement
Request For Proposal

    AR Engagement Opportunities
    • AR Video players – enhance print with your sizzle reel or commercials
    • 3D AR by our award winning AR artists
      • Product displays
      • Walk through exhibits
      • Interactive touch controls
      • Product configurations
      • Virtual sales presentation
      • Multiple web linked experiences
      • Gamification, physics and particle simulation
      • Interactive audio clips by touch
      • Exploded views for part ordering by touch
      • 360 virtual tours
      • AR apparel
    • Audio AR
    • Transparent Video AR (for green-screen and creative placement of video into you imagery)
    • 3D Scenes w/video (perfect for exhibits, learning or virtual sales presentations)

    It’s time for
    Reality Browser for iOS and Android
    Load, View, Scan, Place, Share and explore interactive AR.
    Supports target image recognition as well as marker-less placement of AR
    AR Showcase open your AR experiences to everyone. (optional)
    AR Communicator invite customers to follow your experiences. 
    AR CloudScan recognizes your target images anywhere.
    AR GroundPlane can place and size AR anywhere.
    Recognition of your print or digital imagery instantly displays your AR, engaging audiences and driving conversion.
    Include your experiences in the AR Showcase and extend the reach to the growing Reality Browser audience.
    Invite a customer list to follow your AR experiences and engage them directly in the Reality Browser as followers. 
    Download the Reality Browser