AR for Retail

Augmented Reality brings retailers and brands new avenues to engage customers in-store and in the home.

AR can tell compelling stories which entertain and promote product value, transforming how customers make product purchases. Share great content with consumers and enhances brand awareness.

Our Mission

Reduce cost, time and complexity in the implementation of AR for use in use in sales and marketing, providing real time content for decision making.


Automate the publishing of AR to allow retailers to display additional information about products which enriching the shopping experience.


Make AR accessible to consumers and brands with a turnkey platform and reality browser.

Web based AR relies on QR codes and does not fully utilize mobile device hardware. Experiences are not supported in all web browsers and reach is limited to newer devices.
Custom AR apps work, but come with prohibitive costs and complexity. Consumers would need an app for each product experience. 
Both require specialized engineering, development and lengthy time to bring the AR content to market. An ability simply upload creative content and quickly connect it to prints, packaging and in-store displays is needed. 
Branded Experiences and a universal augmented reality browser.
This removes the development barriers for retailers, and gives consumers a single easy source to view, interact and engage AR experiences.
ARConnex Reality Browser delivers app-based quality with cloud-based efficiency.
The self-serve cloud platform removes the complexity and cost of custom AR app development. Dynamic AR enables packaging and marketing materials to engaged consumers wherever they are.

Download the ARConnex Reality Browser for iOS or Android.

ARConnex 30 day platform demo

Innovate how value is demonstrated with video AR. Deliver product benefits, marketing and communication to print, packaging or in-store display.
Utilizing Unity3D software, product models, 3D graphics come to life with animations and interactive touch control, all without the need for code.
Deliver aid, instructional information and messaging to packaging, labels or print with AR audio.

Transparent Video
Creatively inset video within specific areas of your print or superimpose presenters into your audience's environment.

Branded Experiences
Branding and web linking are integrated at the individual experience level.
Turnkey AR Creation
Upload interface provides ease and flexibility. AR technology is handled behind the scenes.
Cloud-Based Delivery
Updateable AR media for campaigns that evolve with engaging content.
Image Recognition and Deep-linked AR
Distribute AR via mobile deep-links and/or extend print marketing and packaging to deliver enhanced interactive Video and 3D media.

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