DIY AR Marketing and Advertising

AR Experiences
enhance the customer journey

Reality Browser – like your own hi-performance AR experience viewer for brand engagements.
The amazing technology of professional augmented reality is now more accessible than ever!

Custom AR apps are costly and complex. 
Web Browser AR has performance limits.  
Our AR cloud platform & Reality Browser solves this!
Your content, with our AR code automation & cloud-based streaming brings, speed, quality, and low-cost, to AR marketing, 

Branded experiences and universal viewing in Reality Browser, further removes the complexity & costs. 
 Reality Browser Downloads
Platform and Campaign Management Features

Campaign management

  • Organize experiences using ARGroups – create as many as you need
  • Each ARGroup has unique publishing plans, analytics and teams
  • Pay per engagement plans provide budget capping
  • Custom link and CTA graphics with each AR experience
  • Custom branding with each AR experience

Experience management

  • Experiences = flexible reusable slots for your AR
  • Create, Edit, Pause, Delete experiences anytime
  • Upload only -mobile friendly webform creation interface

Experience distribution

  • AR image recognition
  • Mobile deep-links

Business Logic

  • View analytics – per ARGroup and per AR Experience
  • Email Notification when you ARGroup reached 80% utilization
  • Start small and grow with success-full engagements results.


  • ARGroup team member invites w/roles: editor, publisher and audience
  • Audience members can be invited and follow ARGroups and view only in AR Communicator
  • Form audience groups that can access the experience shared for that ARGroup.

Supporting Creators

  • Upload support 3D AssetBundles generated in Unity Software
  • Free Video training to onboard creators quickly
  • Code-less workflow for 3d artists, Cad designers and Unity users
  • ARConnex starter packages with examples and AR helper components
  • Tech support for creative and marketing teams.
Tap into the self-serve AR cloud platform that is so easy to use, everyone in marketing can be an AR expert.
If you thought brand marketing with AR, was to costly or complex… 
Enhance the reach of video marketing
Bring your brand message to customers, wherever they are.
Take a minute and try it.

All you need is an image and a video clip.

Upload them, publish live, & scan your image w/ Reality Browser.


Video AR - Hospital tour
Engage with interactive 3D-AR

Uploads of High-end 3D content generated in Unity Software is a game changer.

Reality Browser delivers the stunning visual quality of Unity’s universal render pipeline and Vuforia proven pro AR tracking.

With content in hand, publishing 3D-AR is a basic upload.

High volume interactive AR creation only requires a 3D artist and creativity.

augmented reality without coding - AR Product - Woman's Sandal hoes - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Industrial Product - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Sport Watch - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
…then it’s time for ARConnex!
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