DIY AR Marketing and Advertising

Connect to consumers and B2B prospects wherever they are with interactive Augmented Reality campaigns.
  • Built for non-technical users, grab your video clip & an image and try it free!
  • Turn print and mobile links, into high-end AR Video or interactive 3D experiences.
  • Lead your industry with cost-effective AR marketing.
  • Engage customers with custom AR Campaigns for as little as 5 cents.  
Enhance print marketing with AR image recognition and extend mobile & ecommerce with ground plane recognition so customers can place your interactive 3D and Video displays at home.
AR is amazing technology, yet custom AR apps are costly and complex. Our AR upload platform and Reality Browser solves this!
Strip away the cost barriers of custom AR and captivate audiences wherever they are. Our patented code automation, cloud-based publishing and universal Reality Browser, brings user-generated custom AR to a basic content upload. 
With ARConnex, content creators are not forced to use a website as their AR creation tool. Our upload support for Unity Software, gives creative teams flexibility and the power.
With a huge community of 3D artists available, AR marketing has never been more accessible. If you need help with 3D content creation we are here to help!
With full control over your branded 3D experience content, the universal Reality Browser becomes your high performance custom AR App to engage customers.
Download Reality Browser – Watch the video below to see it in action.

Reality Browsers GroundPlane Recognition

Engage with interactive 3D AR

Expanding the accessibility of high-end 3D AR by supporting uploads of content generated in Unity Software is a game changer. With end to end content creation requiring only a non-programming 3D artist, the cost saving of engaging customers with AR enhanced brand marketing and advertising are in reach of everyone. With content in hand, publishing 3D AR is now a one minute upload. Reality Browser delivers the level of visual quality and interactivity needed to produce award winning AR campaigns.

augmented reality without coding - AR Product - Woman's Sandal hoes - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Industrial Product - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Sport Watch - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
Enhance the reach of your video marketing
Bring your brand message to customers, wherever they are. Use Video AR to enhance your images, prints, packaging & ads to deliver augmented reality video displays. Take a minute and try it.  All you need is an image and a video clip. Upload them and publish live. Then open Reality Browser and look at your image, or tap your AR DeepLink on your mobile.
If AR in not part of your ongoing marketing strategy, due to its traditional cost and complexity…
… it’s time for ARConnex!
Video AR - Hospital tour

See Reality Browsers Image Recognition in Action

Platform Features
  • AR image recognition connections
  • Mobile deep-links for all experiences
  • Upload only interface for creation
  • Custom branding with each AR experience
  • Custom link and CTA graphics with each AR experience
  • Hyper-deep-linking experiences to other experiences
  • ARGroups for content management and grouping
  • Each ARGroup has unique publishing plans, analytics and teams
  • Pay per engagement plans provide budget capping
  • Automated Video and Audio trans-coding
  • View analytics – Per ARGroup and Per AR Experience
  • Cross-platform iOS and Android mobile publishing
  • ARGroup team member invites w/editor, publisher and audience roles
  • Audience members can follow you via AR Communicator
  • Cloud based – publishing, authentication and media delivery
  • Universal Reality Browser™ free on Android and iOS
  • Upload support 3D AssetBundles generated in Unity Software
  • Online training tutorials for 3D artists and new Unity users
  • Unity starter packages, and drag n drop helper components