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Distribute your AR products in catalogs, circulars, print ads, as well as, mobile websites and eCommerce pages with AR DeepLinks that load your product displays anywhere! 

Place products into your customer’s home with AR

Try-before-you-buy life-size product experiences

  • increase sales
  • build consumer confidence
  • grow brand awareness 

Use ARConnex to place retail or eCommerce products into your customer’s home with Augmented Reality. 

AR product marketing has never been more accessible or cost-effective.

With content ready, our simply upload platform removes the complexities of AR. If you don’t have 3D models of your products, our award winning AR artists can help produce interact 3D product displays.

Reality Browser is the free universal AR app that removes the cost of custom app development. Your branding, web link and experience content are built into each AR experience, making the Reality Browser your AR application to engage and convert customers.

Reality Browser
for iPhone and IPad

Reality Browser
for Android Phones and Tablets

Augmented Reality can bring any type of product to your customers.

With our upload support for Unity Software, and our 3D tutorials and starter templates, a 3D artist can quickly bring product models to life with amazing levels of interactivity, all without a single line of code.
Upload and Publish Augmented Reality 
Engage and captivate audiences wherever they are.

ARConnex is a fast, self-serve upload platform for augmented reality product marketing.

Upload Video or 3D AssetBundles created in Unity® software and distribute branded AR experiences using mobile DeepLinks and extend print materials, packaging and imagery with AR. 

Reality Browser

Millions of interactive augmented reality experiences in one app!
Visual fidelity of the Unity® Universal Render Pipeline. 
Advanced AR tracking with Vuforia, ARKit and ARCore builtin.
Works on over 7,435 mobile devices for maximum reach.
Engage audiences without the cost of programming or app development.
Audiences gain an advanced, yet simple application to engage your AR experiences where ever they are.
Builds buyer confidence and trust with your custom branding in every experience you create.
How you begin depends on your businesses current use of 3D product models.

We have products modeled in 3D for various purposes.

Great, you are on your way. Our “how to” tutorials are designed to quickly onboard content creators. In 15 minutes you see how easy it is to import, size, and save your 3D product models in Unity Software for upload. Tutorials and template files provide a foundation to speed the process and create interactivity with Unity’s drag n drop tools, all without code. Touch controls for style & color options, product configurations, interactive audio and animations that bring product experiences to life.

We don’t have products modeled in 3D yet.

With our upload support for Unity Software, products can be modeled in any 3D or CAD software opening a huge community of 3D modeling resources and services. Building a library of 3D product models bring multiple advertising and marketing uses and addition to AR, supplementing photography. Product modeling is more accessible today than ever with 3D photogrammetry, 3D digitization, 3D scanning and 3D modeling/animation are widely available in the marketplace.

We don’t use 3D, we use product images or video.

Our Transparent Video AR can be used to place a presenter standing in the home, but can also be used to place a life-size image your product into home environments. Transparent video can also be used in 3D experience and set to all-ways point toward the user. Both methods provide a pathway to deliver life-size product visualizations to consumers at home. With AR Video the customer can place promotional videos onto their floors, tabletops or transform your printed page into video displays.

If you don’t have 3D artist, our award winning AR artists can help with augmented reality production services.
AR Video 
Engage audiences anywhere and extend the reach of your videos to print and packaging. 

AR Video can be uploaded and published in a minute. 
AR 3D 
Products come to life with interactive 3D animation. AssetBundles created in Unity® software supports drag n drop components to quickly create interactive AR.
Code-less Upload Platform 
A basic upload form with turnkey cloud and publish of your Video or 3D AR.
Custom app quality without the complexity.

Reality Browser

Built upon the same technology used in custom AR app development.

Reality Browser provides cost-effectiveness without sacrificing quality, custom interactive capabilities or branding.

augmented reality without coding - AR Product - Woman's Sandal hoes - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Sport Watch - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Industrial Product - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Casino Poker Table - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
augmented reality without coding - Vacuum Dryer - Live ARConnex Reality Browser AR experience
Changing the landscape of AR production with a DIY approach.
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