Self-serve Augmented Reality Enhanced Marketing

Engage customers with life-sized 3D products and AR video displays.
ARConnex is a fast, turnkey platform for augmented reality enhanced marketing and sales. Cost-effect AR engagement is now possible with a basic upload through our automation of the AR programming, turnkey media delivery and augmented Reality Browser app, free for iOS and Android. Upload your own HD Video or 3D content and enhance your print materials, packaging and imagery with branded, interactive AR extensions.
Captivate audiences wherever they are and drive sales.
The Reality Browser powered by ARConnex, provides audiences with an endless array of marker-less and marker-based AR engagements. Audiences gain efficiency and the quality of custom interactive AR where ever they are. With ease they can scan, load, size, share and place your AR experiences into their environment. Custom web links in each AR experience provides your audiences with direct connections to your website or e-commerce cart. 

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Reality Browser
for iPhone and IPad

Reality Browser
for Android Phones and Tablets

Publish AR content to the Reality Browser and you’re live in a minute!
Upload support for HD video, MP3 Audio, and 3D AssetBundles saved in Unity® Software.
Engage audiences with custom app quality and captivating 
interactive 3D capabilities, without programming.
ARConnex Basic AR upload form
Video-AR is completely automated and our 3D-AR upload support for Unity® Software brings a huge community of resources with end to end AR production and publishing capabilities to non-programming artists.
Engage audiences with custom interactive controls, product configurations, interactive 3D models, characters, interactive animations, particle animation, virtual walkthroughs, interactive audio, gamifications, immersive virtual tours and much more.
Reality Browser
powered by ARConnex
Millions of interactive Augmented Reality experiences in one app.
Reality Browser supports an endless array of Augmented Reality experiences
Reality browser supports the widest array of devices on the the market for enhanced reach. Audiences gain an advanced, yet simple and compact application specifically engineered to explore and view high performance interactive augmented reality where ever they are.
Audiences expect visual fidelity, interactive animation and the ability to touch, control, and be captivated.
The Reality Browser is built upon the excellence of the Unity® Render Engine. Our upload support for AssetBundles, saved in Unity® Editor, brings codeless interactive capabilities to non-programming 3D Artist, Cad Designers and Creatives.  Brands, marketers and advertisers can fully engage audiences with stunning AR experiences, without the cost of AR programming, app development, app publishing and maintenance.
Visit “How To” for video tutorials on creating AR content for upload.
Video AR | Transparent Video AR | Audio AR | 3D AR
Efficient and effective AR brand engagement
Not only can you create augmented reality without coding but you gain the benefits of performance analytics and the ability to change AR content anytime. This allows marketers to engage, test, measure and optimize audience connections. 
AR Cloud containers further extend the platforms functionality. Create multiple AR Cloud containers to organize your experiences by product, brand, campaign or budget.  Each supports unique subscriptions, analytics and teams. Team roles include audience members, invite them to follow your AR Clouds and load experiences directly in the Reality Browsers AR Communicator to build connections and enhance the relationship between your brand and your followers.
Bridge the print and digital worlds.

All ARConnex experiences support custom branding, web link and call to action graphics. Drive online traffic from a print page with a touch.

Flexible Augmented Reality Publishing Pricing
All plans are prorated to support short run and seasonal campaigns.
ARCloud containers can be upgraded, downgraded, created or deleted as need to support an array of AR engagement initiatives.
Each ARCloud container supports unique analytical data, subscription plans, and team memberships.
Free 30 day Demo
2 Target Images,  5 Audience Members can follow in AR Communicator, 100 views 
ARClouds $5.99 mo
6 Target Images,  10 Audience Members can follow in AR Communicator, 
add views to your ARCloud container as needed with view packs.
 Add as you go
Experience View Packs  $6.99
Add View Packs to any of your ARCloud containers as needed. (per 100)
 ARConnex Publishing Plans
Per Month
ARCloud Container
10 AR Target Images

up to 600 Views mo.

250 Audience Members
can follow in AR Communicator

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Per Month
ARCloud Container
25 Target Images

up to 1000 Views mo.

500 Audience Members
can follow in AR Communicator

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Per Month
ARCloud Container
50 Target Images

up to 3000 Views mo.

1000 Audience Members
can follow in AR Communicator

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Per Month
ARCloud Container
100 Target Images

up to 6000 Views mo.

Unlimited Audience Members
can follow in AR Communicator

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